3 types of awesome bread

3 Types of Awesome Bread: That Break the Barriers and rule the Globe

3 types of awesome bread

Bread is arguably the most popular foods of the world that is enjoyed in different continents. There are a large number of breads across the globe. However, the first bread is believed to be invented by the Egyptians around 2500 BC. It was the Egyptians again who introduced the technique of leavening the bread. One day some yeast spilled into the bread paste and the Egyptians discovered that it can leaven the bread making it far more palatable and easy to be eaten.

The technique travelled to the Greece and Greeks ultimately spread the technique throughout the European continent. Today the bread is enjoyed in a number of countries across the globe. There are many countries in the world and each country has a specific bread to meet the food, culture and eating habits.

Here are the 3 most popular bread types across the globe:

  1. Naan
  2. Focaccia
  3. Tortilla

Naan: Oven-baked flatbread found in Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia

Highly popular in various countries of south Asia the Nan is actually a flatbread that is generally enjoyed with curry. You break a small piece and carefully dip it inside a curry, scoop some portion of grave or wrap it around dry curry to immerse you an awesome combination of the well-defined taste of curry and the humble subtle taste of the bread. You can have the butter spread over into make it palatable and easy to be swallowed. The typical name of Naan in western countries sis Indian bread and you can also find this bread on the menus too! It is due to the close association of Naan with the famous foods of India and Indian curries.



Focaccia: oven-baked Italian bread

This Italian bread uses just the right quantity of flour salt, oil water, and yeast/ the bread is very filling ad one can enjoy it solo or with great curries. Even in the united state you can see a huge score of supermarkets and restaurants selling Focaccia

This bread uses only a modest quantity of yeast to be leavened subtly. Facilitates folding this flatbread and wrapping it around your favourite curry or falafel! It also makes a great food on the go and you can see people enjoying pita bread during lunch or breakfast hours even while they are commuting. It is also liked by the tourists and commuters to be taken out of the lunchbox ad enjoyed while on the go! The bread doesn’t really end to be buttered before you eat it

Tortilla: Round bread made out of cornmeal or flour

Centuries ago the Europeans started invading different parts of the world and everywhere they went they brought with them some culture their own. It was with their Mexico arrival than Europeans introduced the flour tortilla! It has great taste and can be eaten with a number of curries. Today when we talk about Mexico culture the Tortilla is the first of a few things that come to our minds.


There are many varieties of bread available in the world. However, some varieties are so popular that they transcend the limitations of geography and time. This article presents 3 such types of breads that are consumed across the world and their consumption is not limited to their place of origin.

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