5 Benefits of Fresh Tomato Soup

There are very few vegetables that can be compared to tomato soup. The very sight of the bright, charming, glowing tomato works as an excellent appetizer. Besides, it is the perfect companion to most of the cooked food items and curries. However, if you want to enjoy the unpolluted, distinct taste of tangy tomatoes then you should look no further than tomato soup.

Can I use Tomato soup powder to prepare a quick tomato soup?

Though you can prepare a tomato soup at home easily by pouring tomato soup powder in boiling water, it does comes with a variety of side effects By using a variety of chemicals in the form of flavoring agents, coloring agents, and other such chemicals. Being toxic, the coloring agent forces your body’s natural filters: kidney and liver that work hard to separate these toxic materials from the system.

As it is too much of work, your liver and kidney are unable to carry out their normal functions. Besides, its hydrolyzed vegetable protein comes with as much as 35% of MSG that increases heart take, causes nausea and results in chest pain and headache. Besides the use of yeast extract powder affects the health pH levels and decreases immunity by creating acidic blood condition.  


That is why, if you really want to enjoy the benefits of tomato soup sans any side effects then you should go for fresh tomato soup. Here are a variety of benefits that you can gain from consuming fresh tomato soup:

Healthy Bones

Tomato soup is an excellent source of Vitamin K and calcium. Both of them can effectively promote your bone health. Besides tomato soup also helps you in combating osteoporosis due to Lycopene that helps in improving your bone mass. The importance of Lycopene can be understood by the fact that its lack can result in unpleasant changes in bone tissues by increasing oxidative stress in your bones.

Healthy heart

Tomato soup is also rich in Vitamin C that promises an excellent cardiovascular health. By fortifying your heart the Vitamin C shields it from a variety of conditions like blockage and stroke. One of the major enemies of a healthy heart is bad cholesterol. The tomato soup helps in reducing bad cholesterol. It also saves you from forming clumps of palatal cells in your blood.

Combating diseases

Have you ever wondered what gives a fresh taut tomato the glistening, reflective brightness? It is the specific pigment called lycopene. It counteracts the damage done by free radicals like wrinkles, aging effects etc. Thus it helps you to get the firm, bright and glowing skin, as charming as the tomato. But that’s not all. It also helps you to combat stroke and keep chronic diseases at a distance.


Proper blood circulation

One of the unpleasant conditions caused by blood disorder is anemia that, in turn, can invite many other diseases. Being rich in Selenium, the tomato effectively supports the circulation of blood, thus keeping you safe from anemia. As much as 10% of daily requirement of Selenium is met with consuming a single serving of tomato soup.

Ensuring mental health

Our mental health largely depends upon the nervous system and nerve signals. The copper and potassium in tomato improve the nervous system and helps nerve signals to be transmitted smoothly. Collectively it ensures the best mental health.  

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