Bangalore Famous Foods: Best cuisine of Bangalore with awesome medley of flavors

Bangalore is the IT capital of India and has got quite a decent medley of the population belonging to diverse national and international cultures. It has helped the city to develop its own unique culture that perfectly blends the progressive outlook of modern society while at the same time respecting the age-old tradition of the erstwhile era. The cuisines of Bangalore are also benefited by the fine blend of different cultures. You will find the cuisines that can take as long as an hour and are prepared using the clay utensils and being cooked on the charcoal fire.

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At the same time you would also find a large variety of quick delightful meals that would hardly take a few minutes to be prepared. So in this post, we have reviewed some of the best foods of Bangalore. You can either enjoy them at home or with or at your local host. However, for the most authentic appeal it is strongly advisable to enjoy those meals in a fine restaurant. Worry not, we have presented a wide variety of best restaurants in Bangalore where you can enjoy a variety of foods snacks and sweets!

Bangalore Famous Foods: 

Bissi Bele Bath

A Delicious combo of awesome lentils and grainy rice populated by the medley of versatile seasonal vegetables, Bissi Bele Bath is a unique recipe enjoyed d as the preferred breakfast across Bangalore. The dish promises a variety of sumptuous flavors and goes through an elaborate process before you can serve it. However, it promises the exquisite flavors that are sure to make your day thus making it the ideal dish for breakfast. The real magic lies in the traditionally ground masala or spices prepared using the authentic grinding recipes!

Neer Dosas

Unlike other doses of South India that are quite heavy on the stomach, the Neer dosas are more watery and are easier to be prepared at home. The best thing is that you don’t need to ferment the ingredients unlike that of other dosas that saves you a great time. It is best enjoyed with the traditional coconut chutney made at home. If you need a quick kick and are concerned about the time then Neer Dosas are the best fit for you.

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Mysore Bonda

If you love the fried delights and age, not a real calories freak then hearty Mysore Bonda will perfectly satiate your hunger as well as the taste buds! These huge round shaped balls contain Black gram as one of the main fillings. The grated coconut offers a quick delight with its crispy texture and the comfortable sprinkling of spices make the snacks really, really hot! The best thing is that unlike its western peer- Alloo Bonda of Maharashtra the Mysore Bonda doesn’t contain the pungent or strong ingredients like ginger, garlic, onion etc! Enjoy it with a good helping of chili chutney or if the things seem too hot then you may also go for the sweet and sour mint chutney to add just the right balance of varying flavors.


The talk about the Bangalore cuisine would be lacking the real character until or unless we speak about the Biryanis! The rice is cooked at just the right temperature to give it al date texture. So it retains the grainy character while still offering you a melt in the mouth feel. The traditional name of the Biryanis is Dum Biryani indicating that it requires long cooking time, and the utensils play a pivotal role here. The objective is to infuse the entire blend of flavors so that they should perfectly intertwine with each other. It is required as the Biryani contains assortments of different seasonal vegetables and it is important that each vegetable should offer the best flavor to your taste buds.


Idli is another famous delight of Bangalore. Though it is used to accompany curries and watery lentil preparations, it is different from other types of Indian bread due to the different style of eating it. You don’t have to break small portions and wrap it around the curry- it is not possible! The idlis are more like small circular cakes made of rice flour and taste really great! You have to eat it either with a spoon or if you like to enjoy this mellow delight in the traditional style then just enjoy it with the curries and gather it using the tips of your finger just like you eat rice and curry the Indian style!

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak seems surprisingly easy-to-make sweet of Bangalore but there certainly should be some secret preparation recipe that makes the Mysore Pak of Bangalore sweet shops so distinct and silky. The sweet melts in the mouth even before you say Wow! The good amount of sugar along with the royal character offers this sweet a great delight to be enjoyed just at any time of the day!

Hala Bhai

This awesome sweet delight of Bangalore uses the versatile ingredients that offer it awesome characters and has own it many fans. The rice is mixed with buttermilk and a few mellow spices just in the small quantity to lift up the flavor instead of obscuring it. Then the jaggery is added to it to bring the instant and intense sweet flavor. In the end, the grated coconut perfectly offers a crisp texture to this delight. Not really light on the stomach but still, you would not settle for just one bowl, we bet!

Allu Geda

Counted as one of the top side dishes of Bangalore, the Allu Geda is a regional delight prepared with specific variants of soft potatoes that are boiled and mashed to the perfection. The humble potato is then offered a tangy character by adding tomato, and onions. The Black gram is also added to add the slight variant to the flavor. This dry vegetable is a delightful side dish and is mainly eaten with Dosa or Idli along with the main curry. You can add as much or as little spice as you want.

Bangalore Kathrikka

If you are looking for a hearty delight of vegetables to enjoy your Bangalore meals then Bangalore Kathrikka is the best fit for you. The dish is prepared using chow chow and variety of mild and spicy condiments that offer a harmonious symphony to the texture and the taste. The turmeric powered brings in the right amount of tanginess while the salt brightens up the medley of these flavors. The coconut adds a unique touch of crispness and mustard seeds open up the flavors of all the ingredients the cooking style is also elaborate that offers the perfect aromatic flavor to this great curry.

Aloo Dahi

Aloo dahi is the perfect way to close your meal. The boiled potatoes are diced in the right shape and size and drowned inside the yogurt. The sprinkling of spices like chili powder cumin powder etc. breaks open the flavor of the dish. If you prefer you might also put the crackled mustard seeds to add a high level of intensity to this great dish. The creamy yogurt with just the right blend of sour and sweet taste offers and a generous sprinkling of various spices make this dish a great delight for the seasoned foodies.

Best Eateries in Bangalore

Bangalore is a vast, sprawling region and you can expect a wide variety of restaurants in Bangalore. Finding the bets restaurants in Bangalore could be a task for you. So here we are presenting the list of some of the best places to find the awesome delights.



True to its name, Carrots offers the best healthy food in Bangalore at the reasonable rates The best thing is that the restaurant uses only the fresh produce that is cultivated using the organic practices. The executive platters of this restaurant are prepared by the expert chefs who really know how to add the beauty to the simple natural taste of any food. Besides you can also earn some good Kara by buying the food for those who cannot afford to pay for it!

Address: Carrots Restaurant

No. 607, First Floor, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala 6th Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

Jumping bees

This restaurant offers some of the most delightful food of South India and also helps you to enjoy the authentic cuisine of China. This place is widely acclaimed for its fusion food and when you are there our can do yourself some service by asking for the best fusion food available at the moment. Also, don’t forget to save some good margin in your tummy before going to the restaurant as you can enjoy some of the tastiest giant burgers there. The very ambiance of this place aces it a delightful experience for you and your kids.

Address: Jumping Beans

Old Madras Road, Bengaluru


This is a great restaurant that serves the food without using traditional fatty oil that can be dangerous for your health. So, If you want to indulge yourself in some guilt-free food munching then JustBe is the best place for you. The European cuisines are prepared to the perfection but you would also like the Asian delighted this pace. Enjoy some sumptuous meal with your entire family and you would certainly thank your stars! The nice architecture of the place makes it the best weekend paradise for you and your family.

Address: Jumping Beans

Address: 383/31, 13th Cross, Sadashivanagar, Bangalore, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560060


Amruth restaurant at Gandhi road is another restaurant cum Foodie paradise that can make you go gaga over the wide variety spicy and awesome food that it offers. You would certainly love the potato preparations and the lentils are awesome too! The staff is polite and certainly knows how to treat a guest. This is one of the few restaurants where you would love to tip the waiters generously due to their good conduct ad not out of an obligation!

Address: Anruth Restaurant

St Marks Road, Bengaluru · 080 22214988

Anand’s Sweets and savories

What could be the best way to end an Indian meal? Sweets. The Anand Sweet helps you to enjoy a wide spectrum of some sweet delights and perfectly ends you flavourful journey with the sweets of different kinds to choose from. If sweet is the main reason for you dining out then you would certainly love this place. It offers a great experience for solo as well as the family trip.

AddressL Anand Sweet and Savories

81, Jayalakshmi Complex, Main Road, Near-Kanti Sweet, Kammanahalli, 3rd E-F Cross Bengaluru


The place promises a wide medley of flavors, textures and cuisines to transport you to the heights of flavor delight! However a special mention goes to the nice regional delicacies that are prepared so carefully that you would certainly love to come again.

Address: Annapurna Restaurant

Ground Floor, No. 4, Railway Parallel Rd, Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560022

Asha Food Camp

If you love deciding your own meal without having to rely on the waiters or the specified portions then Asha food camp is the best place for you. Here you will get a wide variety of different north Indian flavors and south Indian delight. The place also offers great chinese cuisines. The best thing is that only the purest variety of authentic clarified butter is used to prepare some specific dishes. However, as this is not the case with every dish it is advisable to check with the staff. Right from main meal to dessert kiosk the place offers you a wide spectrum of varying culinary experiences.

Address: Asha Food Camp

No. 87, 10th Cross, Temple Street, Malleshwaram West, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003

New Punjabi vegetarian

If you are looking for spicy flavors of Punjab then is this best place for you the rustic and pleasantly quaint appearance of the restaurant offers you a perfect homely feeling while the food promises to make you smile at the widest. The people are friendly and easy going and you would also love the architecture.

Address: New Punjabi restaurant

No 39/1, K.B H. Main Road, Vinayaka Layout, RT Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032

Café Mama Mia

If you wish to enjoy the best Italian delights in Bangalore then Cafe mama mia should be your next destination for sure. This place serve you some of the best Italian food that would leave you mesmerized The architecture is agile and delightful color further adds to the the appearance of the place.

Address: Café Mama Mia

73, Ground Floor, Siddhaiah Puranik Road, Mahatma Gandhi Nagar, Basaveshwara Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560079

Cool Joint

if you wish to have a great variety of Indian snacks and want to swallow them down with a glass or two of fresh juice then Cool Joint is a perfect place where you should go. The place offers you the best variety of traditional Indian as well as fast food and also helps you savour the fusion delights by offering the right kick of spices and flavours. You will also find a number of sumptuously prepared sandwiches here.

Address: Cool joint

No. 70, 11th Main, 30th Cross, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011

Food court

Food court is yet another restaurant cum juice bar where you can enjoy a number of fine cuisines that are prepared fresh then and there. The place offers the best in the class Chinese cuisines and you would also love right cooking methods that offer a fine taste to its delights.

Address: #601, C Block, 1st Main, AECS Layout, Brookfield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037Jade Chinese Cuisine

Green Theory

If you are looking for some light delights to enjoy with your family then you would certainly love this place. The wide array of curries and different cuisine will give you get the best experience of your life. If you are looking for a day out with your friends then this is the best place where you should be going!

Address: Green Theory

15, Convent Road, Richmond Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

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