Benefits of Rasam: The diet for healthy and active life

In this hectic and fast lifestyle the light, healthy food is the top priority for people. Though there are a variety of such foods available, one major thing that they lack is the taste. Most of these foods have so mild flavors that you don’t “enjoy” them. However, some such foods are different and Rasam, the soup of south India claims the top position here. Rasam is a Tamil term used for any juice but in the context of food, it refers to a special regional soup made with tomato, tamarind and a variety of spices like black pepper, pepper, cumin etc.

A variety of lentils are also added to it. Use of tangy tomato and all these spices gives Rasam an accentuated taste while the use of lentils saves it from getting too bold. But that’s not all; it is also light on the stomach and full of health benefits.

Let us know 6 major health conditions where Rasam can help you:

How RASAM CAN HELP YOU In Constipation?

One of the major ingredients of rasam is tamarind that is loaded with dietary fiber. Apart from that it also contains tannin, pectin and other non-starch polysaccharides that help in bowel movement by adding bulk. Smooth bowel movement helps you o get rid of constipation.


Who likes old, wrinkled skin? But during aging process the free radicals rob your skin of suppleness and youth, snaring it with wrinkles. However, the antioxidants can effectively control this villainous activity of free radicals thus preventing you from the attack of wrinkles. Tamarind, being an excellent source of antioxidants, can effectively help you to maintain your youthful, supple, glowing and firm skin.



Being pregnant is one of the happiest moments in a women’s life. But it also requires one to take extra care of her health. As a pregnant woman, you would need loads of vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, and minerals for yourself and the baby on the way. Besides the importance of digestion is amplified manifolds during pregnancy. Rasam is not only easily digestible but can also help in the smooth working of your intestines.

How RASAM CAN HELP YOU for Baby diet

The importance of rasam does not end at pregnancy but also extend to the baby and beyond. As soon as your baby is old enough to start semi-solid food, you can include rasam to her diet as rasam can not only easily be swallowed but is easy on the stomach too. Besides, it is loaded with taste. However, you might need to make it a bit lighter keeping in mind the special needs of your baby.


One of the easiest ways to lose your weight is to ensure proper removal of toxic elements from your body. It can be possible by improving your metabolism. Due to its black pepper content, your body starts producing more sweat and urine, thus ensuring better removal of toxins. Apart from keeping your body healthy it also allows you to regulate your metabolism.

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