Best Jaipur Meals to offer you some serious power and loads of taste

The cuisine of Jaipur is famous all over the world for its intense taste and use of different ingredients. The traditional preparation methods further enhance the taste of the food and retain the natural goodness and vitamins of ingredients. It makes the Jaipur cuisine very tasty and wholesome.

The people of Jaipur are famous for their love towards good food. Right from freshly prepared pure oil made of cow’s milk till homemade spices, they want everything to be perfectly prepared. They are also known for they love towards filling, wholesome meal. The meal of Jaipur presents a kaleidoscope of different flavors.


Let us know some best foods of Jaipur that can be relished on lunchtime or enjoyed as breakfast:

Dal Baati Churma for A perfect, wholesome Lunch

It is said that if you do not savor the taste of Dal Bhaati Churma your Rajasthan trip cannot be said fully rewarding. Eat it and you will agree, instantly. Dal Bhaati Churma is a wholesome variety meal of Rajasthan that is very rustic in approach and quaintly regional in taste. In fact, it is the fresh, smoky and wheaty fragrance complimented by notes of spicy lentils that captivates the attention and spells the magic on taste buds. The pinnacle of pleasure comes when one finishes the meal with sweet, savory Churma.

Baati: It is a round shaped well-cooked balls of wheat, baked to perfection over the traditional charcoal fire. For last several centuries, this traditional recipes remains unchanged and has been attracting people from far and wide. A deft use of pure ghee derived from fresh milk’s cow gives the buttery flavor and silky texture of inside while the use of traditionally milled wheat flour gives it a pleasant rustic taste and wholesome feel.


Lentil curry: This is a kind of liquid delicacy made of lentils and cooked slowly till the taste is embodied in each single drop of the curry. Due to its watery character, it perfectly complements the baatis while the spicy taste of lentil curry acts as a perfect companion for the wheaty taste of Baatis.

Churma: This was the pinnacle of pleasure, we were telling about. The texture of this coarsely grounded well-baked flour is a sight that will instantly captivate the eyes. Due to the special process of cooking and the ingredients, the choorma gets a shiny, silken look, almost glitters. It has a sweet, savory taste that acts as a perfect way to finish the meal. It gives you a perfect satisfying taste that lingers on for long. To be precise, choorma is the best way to end a Rajasthani meal.

Atte ka Malpua is the best breakfast to start your day

Atte ka Malpua is a sweet Indian pancake that is blended with fresh milk to make the liquid mixture. It is then fried till the center becomes golden brown and the edges become a bit crusty. Once these Indian pancakes are fried they are then dipped into sugar syrup that is well flavored with saffron, cardamom, and other aromas. The cardamom can also be used in the mixture of the pancake before frying them. The coarse wheat freshly milled and free of any artificial additions results in the malpuas that are wholesome and very filling while the traditional method of deep frying can make them perfectly crispy. Add in it the sugar syrup using a variety of royal aroma and you have the perfect breakfast to satisfy your taste buds and stomach.


More food items on their way, stay tuned…….

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