Chocolate Butter Pie With Peanut Recipe

The winter has arrived and the days have become shorter. We can even feel that evening linger for a very long time. There are a variety of ways to spend the evening but the best way is to enjoy your meal till your stomach fills up. One such type of such foods is Chocolate butter pie in peanut and real life chocolate:

Ingredient for Chocolate Butter Pie With Peanut Recipe:

• Peanut Butter – 1 Cup
• Butter- 3/4 cup
• Confectioner’s sugar – 3 cups
• Graham Cracker crust- 2 crusts each if 9 inch
• Milk 2 cups
• Instant chocolate pudding- 1 pack
• Frozen whipped topping- 8 ounce

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Chocolate Butter Pie With Peanut Recipe

• Take a microwave safe bowl of medium size and out butter and peanut butter in it.
• Combine them very well and then heat it in a microwave utile it becomes soft.
• Mix well again. Put some confectioners’ sugar and keep on mixing it until it gets a dough-like
• Now spread the mixture to form the shape of 2 pie crusts.
• Blend milk and instant pudding in a small bowl.
• Take the peanut butter and pour over each of them.
• Put it inside the fridge and keep on chilling.
• Check after a few hours and ensure that the mixture should get the firm consistence.
• To make it more appealing add the whipped topping when you are about to serve them.

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