Cochin Famous Foods: Enjoy the Wide Spectrum of Erstwhile South Indian Flavors

Cochin is known as one of the best places in the south for Foodies; the flavours of Kochi are a delightful concoction of taste, texture, and top of the quality experience. In fact if you want to enjoy the culture of south Indian cuisine then Cochin could be one of the best places for you. You can find a number of erstwhile dishes that are still prepared here using the age-old recipes. Besides, you can find a number of places in Cochin where you can have a sumptuous meal. Read this post to know about the use of the best cuisines of Cochin. Also, we are presenting a list of best restaurants of Cochin to enjoy different dishes.

List of Cochin Famous Foods: 

Kurukku Kalan

Kurukku Kalan is a great and unique recipe of Kochi that uses the perfect blend of thick creamy yogurt and banana toasted to the perfection. The regional bananas of Kochi offer a unique touch of elegance to this mellow curry and make it melt in your mouth. You would certainly love this great curry and would find it impossible to stop at just one bowl.

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Thorans is another great dry curry that is widely enjoyed across Kochi. Made with number of vegetables and using the right quality of spices the dish offers the best delight to your taste buds. The perfect happy combination of bitter gourd, jackfruit, and different types so fresh beans offers you the wholesome goodness of nutrients presented in a lip-smacking flavour. While you may choose to add onion or garlic to this vegetable it is recommendable to eat it without adding any strong pungent ingredients as that would disturb the harmony of flavours.


Appam is very popular across Kochi and there would hardly be any household that doesn’t include Appam in at least one meal of their schedule. It is a pancake that uses rice batter and a good amount of coconut milk. You may eat a palinappam if you wish to accompany with some spicy curry. However, if you want to eat it alone or with some dry vegetable then you can go for Palappam or Kallappam that offer you the more intense flavors.


Kandarappam is a sweet delight that is prepared with the perfect companion of grainy rice as well as sumptuous lentils for the best flavor the 4 types of lentils are mixed with rice and the jaggery is used to add the right level of sweetness with deep characters. The slow steam cooked sweet dish is really treated treat for your taste buds.

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Pachadi is the great traditional dish that is well cooked making it easy to digest. The seasonal vegetables are coated with yogurt and chili offers it just the right level of heat to make it the right side dish to be enjoyed with a number of main meals. The grated coconut promises the pleasant crunchy coconut texture that offers you mouth a great flavor!


The rice is famous across Kochi and no food is meal is deemed to be complete without rice the rice in Kochi is cooked using the traditional slow recipe but at the soma time, it is ensured that the texture should not be too mushy. You would certainly love just any type of mellow, milk or hot curry with the rice of Kochi.

Banana chips

The bananas here are very different from other Indian variety. Big and full flavored these bananas are the right choice to make the crispy chips. You would certainly enjoy a variety of different spices or plain salted banana chips sold by the vendors. It could be a great starter and you can also enjoy it as the side dish.

Watery Lentils

Kochi is also famous for its spicy and sour watery lentils that promise satiate your hunger to the fullest. You can eat it with the rice or for the best experience eat it with fluffy idlis. The mellow taste of these idlis are perfectly accompanied by the spicy watery lentils.


Kochi is an also a great place when it comes to the pickles. Right from the top favourite mango pickle till the mixed pickles the city promises you a wide assortment of quirky tangy flavors to keep your mouth watering and looking for more. In fact, the pickles are a must in every auspicious meal of Kochi


Kochi is also famous when it comes to different fritters. Though the recipe for preparing fritters can be very different from the north Indian cities the taste is really great. You would love them with just any type of meal or even enjoy them during the evening tea time. if you are really hungry and want to heavy e great breakfast then you might find it an ideal decision to start your meal.

Best restaurants/Street Foods in Kochi

While you can also prepare these cuisines at home, the best way to enjoy these delectable delicacies is to have them at the top eateries of Kochi. So we have prepared the entire list of best eateries and here is the same:

1. Mosaics

Mosaics is the best restaurant offering a variety of Asian and international cuisine. True to its name the place offers a mosaic of different flavors and you would also love the fine architecture. The service is hassle-free and the staffs are quick to serve. The hygiene is maintained at all times and you would certainly love the streamlined working schedule of the place.

Address: Mosaics

Crowne Plaza Kochi, XI/641A Kundanoor Junction,, Maradu, Vyttila, Kerala 682304

2. Trilogi Restaurant

If you are looking for the timeout with your family and enjoy each and every moment of you outing then Trilogi is the best place for you. The place is serviced by the efficient staff and serves a wide variety of regional delights that are prepared using the authentic recipe. You will also love the surrounding of this restaurant.

Address: Trilogy Restaurant

1st Floor, Crowne Plaza, Kundanoor Junction, Ernakulam District, Maradu, Kerala 682304

3. Kochi Kitchen

Kochi Kitchen is one of the most reputed restaurants in Kochi that offers you an ideal number of erstwhile delicacies that are served with love and care. You would also like the Interior decor of the place that gives it a bright and charming look.

Address: Kochi Kitchen

Lulu International Shopping Mall, 34/1111 N. H. 47, Edappally, Kochi, Kerala 682024

4. Ember

Tucked in the best locales and architected to the perfection the Ember offers you a wide spectrum of options to choose the best food to relish. You would love the fine medley of flavors and ambiance while at the same time pampering your taste buds with a wide array of different flavours

Address: Ember Le Meridien Hotel

Kundannoor, Maradu, Ernakulam, Kerala 682304

5. Sutra

If you want to have some Mexican delight in Cochin the Sutra is the best restaurant that should search for. It offers the fine delicacies of Mexico and uses only the most authentic preparation style. You would also love the agile staff this place and a fine decorum that is maintained to offer it a calm appeal.

Address: Sutra Restaurant

Hotel Rossitta Wood Castle, 1/334, Rose Street, Fort Kochi, Kerala 682001

6. Pizzeria Pizza Italia

While you can have Pizza at just anywhere in India the authentic pizza is hard to find. If you are looking for an authentic pizza at the prices that perfectly justify the taste then Pizzeria pizza Italia is here for you. The thin well-baked crust of the pizza and sumptuous topping of silky cheese along with diced seasonal vegetables offers the pizza a distinct reputation of its own.

Address: Pizza Italia

Tower Rd, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001

7. Big Fat Momo

The place offers some of the best Indian breads, curries and lentils. You would also love the Kochi specialties that the place offers to its guests. The staff is nice and helpful and you would enjoy the attention that they offer to each individual client. The fine blend of colors and designs offers its interiors an elevated character

Address: Big Fat Momo

Ponnurunni, Vyttila, Kochi, Kerala 682019

8. Solar Cafe

The healthy food is generally believed to be bland and devoid of taste. If you are looking for some great healthy food without compromising on the taste then solar cafe is the best place for you. The place offers a sumptuous variety of healthy food without adding too many of spices or oil. You would also feel mesmerized by the attractive interiors and friendly staff.

Address: Solar Café

Calvathy Rd, Kunnumupuram, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682002

9. Qissa cafe

While you won’t find a difficult time looking for the restaurant that serves the authentic south Indian food in the Kochi the tourists may find it very difficult to find the European Restaurant. In this small list, Qissa holds a distinct place. You will find the sumptuous variety of various European flavor here that use the best recipe to retain the authentic European touch.

Address: Qissa Café

Near Private Bus Terminal, 18, KB Jacob Rd, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001

10. Masala@Holiday Inn

The spicy Indian food can have a great effect on your taste buds and if you have a soft corner for Indian spices then masala is the best place to enjoy the wide assortment of spicy delights of India. The place offers the regional delicacies and at the same time promises to keep you nourished with the wide array of flavors that will make your stay a pleasant one. The bright interiors, awesome colors, great design and finely maintained architecture offer you a lifetime experience.

Address: Masala@Holiday Inn

Chakkaraparambu, Vennala, Ernakulam, Kerala 682028

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