Own restaurant?

Are you a restaurateur passionate about the good food? Do you run a famous food joint that attracts the massive crowd? We help you start your success journey by writing honest reviews about your place. We are keen to promote your business and send it to as many foodies of the town as possible. The only question is do YOU match our passion for food?

In fact we are fast increasing our database of restaurants, eateries and the most happening food joints across the world. Get a professional review by our proficient food writers in a detailed format along with latest introductions, ratings and of course honest reviews.

This is how we work:

  • You can contact us via this form
  • If we agree to review your business we will fix a “tasting session” by our team members who will visit your eatery
  • The team member will taste your signature dishes as well as other random dishes
  • S/he will spend some time at your eatery/restaurant and review all the good things that impact the experience of the clients like taste, ambiance,  service, hygiene, architecture and interior decorations (among other features). However, three major takeaways are Price, Taste and Service!
  • We will also conduct a small interview with the owners/key personnel and customers to further enhance the value of our reviews.