Hyderabadi Famous Foods : The royal taste of Erstwhile Nawabs

Hyderabadi cuisine promises to take you to the roller coaster ride of sweet and sour flavours and a number of fine aromas. The use of purr ghee and using generous portions of crunchy nuts add a distinct character to the cuisine of the region. Equally (or even more) delicious are the delicate desserts, sherbets and traditional icecreams of Hyderabad. One can still sense the royal grandeur of the Nawabs in the various cuisines of Hyderabad. In fact it would not be an exaggeration says that each meal is a celebration in its own right when you are in Hyderabad. So let us know some of the bets foods of Hyderabad. We would later talk about the top restaurants of Hyderabad you must visit:

Hyderabadi Famous Foods

Mirchi Ka Salan
Mirchi Ka Salan is prepared with just the right amount of spices and a perfectly prepared coconut paste. The hot concoction of choicest chillies is perfectly humbled down by the creamy taste of coconut to offer you the unforgettable experience.

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Khatti Daal
While the lentils are enjoyed all over India the Khatti Daal of Hyderabad is one of the signature dishes of this place. This dish is a great delight for those who love loud, spicy food! You would not tire smacking this great Daal that uses the sour tamarind to offer a tangy flavor. For the best experience eat it with Hyderabad naan.

Malai Korma
Malai Korma is a perfect blend of silky cream with the fresh milk and tangy tomatoes. The royal taste of Malai Korma offers you a perfect culinary experience. It is best served piping hot. Prefer Hyderabad Nans over humble rotis!

Burani raita
One of the great ways to close the traditional Indian meal is to have a bowl of cool raita a great traditional curd delight accompanying some spices. The Burani Raita of Hyderabad promises a knack of spices with ginger against the humble background of creamy yogurt, While you can enjoy it as a great standalone dish or to accomplish your meal it tastes equal great when eaten as a side dish.

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Hyderabad Khichdi
Hyderabad Khichdi is another signature cuisine of the land that offers a pleasant twist to the regular taste of Khichri or Indian porridge. Appealing look, fine yellow color and bright appearance due to generous amounts desi ghee offer this Khichdi a unique reputation. However the USP of the Khichdi is the right mix of hot spices that promise a zigzag ride to your taste buds. The Hyderabad Khichidi is high on nutrition too and the best thing Is that you can enjoy it as a standalone dish, eat it with curries or just crack open the flavor by enjoying it with Hyderabad pickles.

Shahi Tukda
If you want to enjoy the Nawabi experience of Hyderabad then go for Shahi Tukda. Shahi means Royal and Tukda stands for piece. This royal piece is made with the generous amounts of lavish cream and bread and drowned inside the copious amounts of milk. The delicate taste exudes royalty in every single bite and in the erstwhile era it made a number of nawabs drooling over it. While you can enjoy it piping hot, it is recommended to eat it cold as that temperature goes well with the royal taste of this awesome dessert.

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Aab Shola
This exquisitely royal sounding name is derived from two words Aab or Water and Shola that stands for fire. This aptly named Sherbet promises to put cool waters on the sweltering feeling that you might get the summers while offering you the great royal taste that lingers on your tongue for long. It is perfectly chilled by using generous amounts of ice cubes and is enjoyed across Hyderabad during summers.

Gul e Firdaus
Gul e Firdaus is another royally named dish of Hyderabad that promises to transport you to the nawabi era. The recipe uses the finest ingredients like bottle gourds, tapioca pearls, and pure ghee. The addition of roil nuts like almond and essence loved by the nawabs like Kewar offers this dish a unique royal character.

Hyderabadi Paneer
At one point of tie Hyderabad was ruled by the Nawabs and one can still sense s grandeur of nawabs in technician of Hyderabad. One such cuisine is Hyderabad Paneer. Using just the right amounted spices and rich cream the Hyderabad Paneer offers the silky smooth flavor of paneer or county cheddar cheese that is further enhanced with the balanced harmonious blend of spices and thick gravy.

Hyderabadi Falooda
The Falooda of Hyderabad has appreciated across the nations for its delicate taste a great sweet flavor. Falooda is actually an India dessert that uses the right mix of sweet liquid, and ice creams. The seviyans or thin Indian noodles offer a delicate texture to this dish while the traditionally prepared ice cream or kulfi adds the real authentic Indian touch. Rose syrup and nuts further elevate the taste of Falooda.

Top restaurants/Street Food of Hyderabad

As we have told you about the signature dishes of Hyderabad you would surely love to know about the best restaurants in Hyderabad to enjoy these foods. Here are the top resuatants for the unique culinary experience.

1. Chaat Bizarre
The chat bizarre offers a number of different cuisines and is a great place for the friends to have some god Saturday dinner. The homelike food served here comes with a right medley of ingredients as well as flavors. One specific North Indian delight worth giving a try is the Paranthas or the stuffed Indian bread. Available in a large variety and promising to satiate the tastebuds these paranthas would certainly offer you a great feeling.
Address: Chaat Bizarre
1-98/90/2/D/9-8, LGF, Ayyappa Society Road, Megha Hills, Madhapur, Hyderabad

2. Dwaraka
If you are looking for some great place to enjoy the Andhra delights in the traditional style then Dwaraka is the place to be. Additionally it serves a great number of south Indian delights too. You can get some of the accurately prepared Andhra meals that are presented in the real Andhra style- spread on a huge plantain leaf. The best thing is that you get a large number of different dishes that promise you a distinct flavor. The helpful staff can be consulted to check for the exact food that aligns with your taste buds and appetite!
Address: Dwaraka Restaurant
Rukmini Riviera Hotel, Dwaraka Hotel Complex, Khairatabad , Near Bajaj Electronics

3. Dakshin restaurant
If you are looking for the small friendly place with the friendly staff then this is then is the best match for you. The place offers the sumptuous dishes comprising of the variety of Indian delicacies. The use of pure ingredients and authentic recipes add a distinct charm to this restaurant. The ambiance is fine and the staff is really caring.
Address: Dakshin Restaurant
ITC Kakatiya Hotel, Lobby Level, 6-3-1187, Begumpet, Hyderabad 500016, India+91 40 2340 0132Website

4. Cream Stone concepts
It is a great ice-cream aloe of Hyderabad that offers the mouth-watering verities of ice-cream as well as you would love all of them. However, it is advisable not to leave the place before you have sampled Nuts overloads that is a great nutty ice-cream and you would not have tasted something ice that before! The milkshakes are also delectable.
Address: Cream Stone Concepts
Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad

5. Aviyal Veg restaurant
The place boasts of some of the best sambar recipes that makes its place a top hit it with the locals as well as the travelers from other parts of the country or international tourists. While dosas are also good and crispy, it is the variety of Sambhars that you would like to eat more than what your stomach can easily accommodate. The ambiance is great but the USP of the place is their charming staff who make sure that you would never place with a big smile on your face.
Address: Aviyal Restaurant
Prof CR Road, Vinayak Nagar , Near ICICI Bank

6. Minerva
The Minerva Food house offers you a gracious, fuss-free ambiance with the best upholstery that will add to your overall experience. The food is simply fantastic and you would certainly love the authentically prepared south dine fares like Idlis, Medu Vadas, and doses. There are a number of varieties of Dosas you can get here for the best experience you should go for masala doses that come with a good stuffing of spiced potatoes and there delicious recipes, finely wrapped under the delicate sheet of doses. Enjoy it with the authentic coconut chutney.
Address: Minerva café
3-6-199/1, Ground Floor, Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad

7. Oh So Stoned
This is a great place for enjoying the awesome ice-cream amidst a fine ambiance. You will find the board games to play with your friends and a mellow music that perfectly elevates the overall experience and aligns with appetite for the coolest ice-cream sold here. The three great flavors to try are Brownie up, banana split, and Vanilla! The ambiance is soothing and furniture further adds to the overall experience. The icecreams are really fresh their taste is unforgettable.
Address: Oh So Stoned
Road No. 2 Banjara Hills, Beside KsR opticals, Opp to KBR Park

8. Natural ice-cream
As the name suggests the natural ice creams are prepared with natural ingredients and uses the authentic recipes. You would love a number of varies that are sold here. However, the special mention goes to berry flavors and nutty coconut. You would also love the overall ambiance of the place and the type of gentry that usefully visits here.
Address: Natural Ice Cream
#8-3-1085/ 1086, G3, Ground Floor, Raghavendra Grand Residency, Opp. Ratnadeep Supermarket, Srinagar Colony, Banjara Hills Road No.3 · 091217 84121

9. Chutneys Coffee House
The restaurant is a great place to sample some of the bets dorsa of south India and you would also love the fluffy idles offered by this eatery. Once you have a sumptuous meal over here don’t forget to quench your thirst wither sweet lassi or buttermilk that will offer you a delectable taste to linger on your taste buds for prolong
Address: Chutneys Coffee House
8-2-248/A, Shilpa Arcade Building, Road 3 , Near The Times House

10. The BikanerVala
If neither you are looking for an exquisite North India restaurant to enjoy the north Indian delights IN Hyderabad’s then Bikanervala is the best place for you. The food fo Bikanervala is luxuriously prepared with fresh pure ghee. You can also get some great south delicacies here like Dosa and Idli. Enjoy the Sunday Lunch with your entire family and don’t forget to order Thali that offers you the generous portion of different curries, breads and side dishes.
Address: The BikanerVala
No. 6-3-190/2, Road Number 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

11. Suruchi restaurant
If you are bit really good at picking the right fiid from the menu then you would love to go for the Combo Packs. The best thing is that you can get the food of different cities of India like Punjab Gujarat and Rajasthan. The restaurant offers a variety of combo meals and the best thing is that you are able to get the multiple refills at a single price. The unique ambiance give this place a great appeal.
Address: Suruchi restaurant
Street 8, Habsiguda Circle, Habsiguda, East Hyderabad, 500007

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