Kolkata Famous Foods: The best places to enjoy street food and erstwhile Indian sweets

Kolkata is populated by the progressive and friendly community of Bengalis and even the other communities residing there are heavily influenced by the Bengali culture and cuisine. They are famous for their sweet delicacies with extensive use of cottage cheese and a generous portion of gur or Jaggery in many of their preparations. As for the cuisine the city offers a wide medley of spices, aromas and a promise to offer the wide array of fine flavours.








The unique recipes along with the pure ingredients offer you the lifetime delight. So let us know about some of the best foods of Kolkata and the top restaurants of kolkata where you can enjoy the best varieties:


One of the most famous Bengali snacks of Kolkata known as Jhalmuri is a fine medley of ingredients and spices that offers you a great time to savour in the noisy streets of the city. The humble puffed rice that is the main ingredient of the dish, is offered a naughty makeover by adding tangy tomato, onions, different spices and a faint layer of mustard oil.


Puchkas are really famous across all over Kolkata. The Puchkas here are very much like the Golgappas of North India in the appearance but offer a great twist when incomes to the ingredients and the spices. The choicest of tamarinds are used to prepare the tamarind water to offer the best tangy zest to delectable flavors of potatoes. If you are looking to burst open your taste buds then Puchkas sold at some great street food joint of Kolkata is the best thing to try.

Ghugni Chaat

Ghugni CHaat might be a quaint name and its otherworldly taste offers a distinct character to this chaat. One of the most widely savoured snacks of Kolkata streets. Ghughni Chaat is prepared with hot peas and other ingredients are added to it like coriander, onions, and tomatoes. The entire preparation is then brightened up with a generous helping of lime juice squeezed freshly. It is so taste that you will want more and more and more… and some more!

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Mango Lassi

The Mango lassi is one of the most loved beverages in the sweltering summers of Kolkata. While the creamy and cool yogurt offers a perfect relief the use of fresh and pure mange puree adds a perfect delight to the beverage. The sweet-sour taste of Mango combined with the silky smooth yogurt offers you a lifetime experience while the fine sprinkling of shredded nuts and a thick slice of Indian Malai will take you to the pleasant journey through best tastes! It is best savoured during the afternoon and is a must during the summers of Kolkata


The Bengali sweet Sandesh is a savory sweet delight that is prepared with the awesomeness of Indian cottage sweet known as Paneer. The balanced blend of Paneer and milk offers this sweet a royal flavor and the use of condiments like saffron and cardamom further elevates its appeal. The best blend of nuts can be found in this sweet like pistachios, almonds and other nuts. It is enjoyed at most of the auspicious occasional Bengal community of Kolkata.

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Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi is yet another great desert of Kolkata. Though simple to prepare and requiring only a handful of ingredients the delight offered by Misti oi or sweet yogurt makes it perfect light dessert to end your meal.


While the Rasgullas are famous across entire India taste great it is the somatically made Roshogollas of Kolkata that tops the list when it comes the authentic taste to this sweet delight. These sweet fluffy balls are prepared with the cottage cheese of India and milk. The Rshogollas offers you the right amount of sweet and mild flavors along with the soft textures.

Radha Ballavis

Radha Ballavis are well fried crispy Indian bread that could be enjoyed standalone to perfectly pacify your breakfast cravings. They are studded with lentils and offer you a very filled feeling. It promises a great delight and you would be able to stop at just one and the real Foodies can also have 5 at one go!


Luchis bread is widely enjoyed by the people of Kolkata. It is generally triangular in shape and is deep fried in the pan. You can either eat a plain luchi with a lentil curry or potatoes or go for the stuffed version. It is the best things to break your night’s fast and start your day!

Alu Dum

Alu dum is another great potato delicacy that is widely enjoyed across Kolkata. The whole potatoes are peeled and drowned in the gravy of fresh cream and yoghurt that gets the right twist of taste by adding ginger garlic paste to it. Apart from the medley of creamy yogurt flavor and bold taste of garlic and onions, it’s right sprinkling various species that offers a mouth-watering flavor to this curry.


This great dish uses a bright blend of various spices and is seasoned with naughty flavors like mustard, poppy seeds etc. The kaleidoscopic taste offered by different vegetables and the fine flavor kick offered by the right amount spices makes Chorchori a great delight to savor.


If you are looking for vas assortments of flares then Chhecnchki would offer you the best time in Kolkata. It is made with bottle gourd, potatoes, pumpkin and squash and the whole mustard seeds are used to break open the flavors of different vegetables. The unique cooking style of Kolkata makes it a perfect fit for you heavy lunch  to enjoy.

Best Restaurants/Street Food of Kolkata

As we have talked a great deal about various flavors of Kolkata, you must have feeling your tastebuds craving for some quick delights. Luckily if you are present in Kolkata now then you can go though our special list of best restarants of Kolkata and head straight to your favourite eatery. Here is the list of top restaurants of Kolkata that can offer you the lifetime experience:

1. Fly Kouzina

If you wish to relish a great meal amidst the completely different and unique ambiance then Fly Kouzina is the best place for you. This restaurant seems like the interior of an airplane and you will be sitting on the awesome airplane seats. The uniform of the staff makes them look like flying crewe members. Apart from the distinct interiors, it is the flavors of the food that bring the restaurant on this list. You can enjoy a number of different cuisines here and would also get free Wi-Fi. The live sports screen further adds to your overall experience. If you don’t really love the spicy food and are looking for some mild curries that don’t use the pungent taste of onion or garlic then you can also order for the Jain food.

Address: Fly Kouzina

AD – 73, Sector 1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064

2. Govinda

Govinda is a perfect restaurant that offers you the flavors that can truly be called spiritual. Right from its combo meals of Kashmir Aloo Dum or full Thalis the mild yet exquisite flavors of Govinda perfectly explains the success of this restaurnat. It would be interesting to know that Govinda was started by Iskon- a spiritual organization. The restaurant also offers a wide variety of desserts as you are about to leave, The ambiance is friendly the people are truly generous and you would love the ambiance of the place that makes your food eating ritual an affair to enjoy!

Address: Govinda Restaurant

Ground Floor, Sri Sri Radha Govindaji Mandir, 3C, Albert Road, Minto Park, Kolkata

3. Tyre Party

Tyre party Is a north Indian restaurant of Kolkata that has acquired a prime status due to the availability of continental cuisines and delightful Italian delicacies. The architecture is wisely crafted to offer you the best ambiance and you can choose from three different sitting areas. If you want o to enjoy the traditional style then you can go to the normal area where you need sit cross-legged on the cushions. If you want to enjoy the quick fast food then you may like the high stools that are spread in the lounge area. If you are water baby you also have the option of putting your feet inside the water and enjoy the unique experience. The waiters are attentive and quick and you would love the fine decoration too. It is more suited for the school or college goers and you would also be able to see some great families enjoying the get-together time.

Address: Tyre Party

Elgin Rd, Sreepally, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

4. Bati Chokha

The Bati chokha is a great restaurant for those who are looking for some folk experience. The authentic Rajasthan decor and a huge amount of space this restaurant is a great option. The authentic taste of food and a huge spread of regional Rajasthan dishes make your taste buds feel pampered. The clay utensils are widely used to serve the food that adds a traditional touch to the eating experience.

Address: Bati Chokha Restaurant

FD-14, Sec. III, Opposite ATI More Kali Mandir, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700106

5. Pai’s malgudi days

If you are looking for the South Indian food with some naughty twist then Pai’s Malgudi Days is the best place for you. This exquisite restaurant will remind you fo the famous DD1 serial called Malgudi Days that used to be aired severa decades ago! The South Indian dishes like dosas and Idli sambars are offered here. The staff is friendly and promises a great and rewarding experience.

Address: Malgudi Days

54/4B, Hazra Road, Dover Terrace, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019

6. Hakuna matata

Hakuna matata is another great place to savor the exquisite dishes in Kolkata. It is a theme based restaurant that uses the exquisite blend of colours, and shapes to transport you to the world of joy. The art installations and the fine architecture further elevate the delight of the place. The food tastes really great and the main things to savor here are vegetarian fritters and burgers. The staffs are attentive and you would enjoy the tine here with you entire family.

Address: Hakuna Matata

12D, Park Street, Opp Park Hotel, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071

7. Mumbai local

If you are looking for a casual restaurant to send your Sunday with the family then while enjoying the best north Indian delights then Mumbai local is the best restaurant for you. The entire restaurants are themed as a local train of Mumbai and you can find some of the signature delights here like Dal Makhai and Dahi Kabab. The taste is really authentic and would remind you of the streets of Mumbai,

Address: Hakuna matata

19, Ballygunge Park Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019

8. Roof Top View

If you are looking for a great culinary experience amidst the best surrounding in the lap of nature then Roof Top View is the best fit for you. You can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the large portions of the city while enjoying some of the sumptuous delight offers you a great feeling. The food is not only delicious but is also  light on your stomach. At the same time it does not compel you to pay through your nose as the prices are down to earth. The staff is friendly and smiles a lot. You would love the Dania Dosa that is the specialty of this restaurant.

Address: Roof Top View

Vaibhav Plaza, 4, Lee Road, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

9. Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf was the first south Indian restaurant of Kolkata and till date it is counted as the most reputed South Indian restaurant of the city. Whether you are looking for some time out with your family or need to enjoy the great time with your friends this is the finest restaurant for you. You can get some spicy and very delectable south Indian food here.  For the best experience try different types of Doas of this restaurant

Address: Banana Leaf

73 & 75, Rash Behari Avenue, Next to Rolex, Lake Mkt

10. The Yellow Straw

There is a great delight in enjoying the fresh delicious food in the old parts of the city. If you are a real Foodie and want to savour this experience then head straight to The Yellow straw. It offers the sumptuous and very nutritious food without overdoing it the spices or oil. The special mention goes to the wide variety of shakes and fruit juices offered by this place. The hygiene standards are high and you would love the service of the place. The best thing is the exquisite decor of the place that would offer you a great experience.

Address: The Yellow Straw

4, R.N. Mukherjee Road, Near Martin Burn Building, Dalhousie BBD Bagh, Kolkata

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