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The vast city of Pune offers a pleasant medley of aromas and promises to elevate the taste sensations by using a perfect mix of spicy as well as mellow flavours. On the one hand you have the Batata Vada (Read about it in this article) of Pune that is considered to be the ultimate delight for street foodies, and on the other hand you have the mellow yet tasty flavor of Pohas- considered as one of the lightest delicious breakfast of India.

So, we decided to explore the flavor street of Pune and here we are offering you the wide array of famous Pune dishes as well as the top restaurants of Pune to help you enjoy the best foodies’ time, the next time you visit the town:

Main Meal of Pune

Misal Pav

This is the world famous food of Pune that promises to offer you a tummy fill feeling while providing a rollercoaster ride to your taste-buds with a medley of regional spices. Enjoy the famous Pav Bread of Pune along with two curries of different taste. While the green curry is ideal to enjoy the humble taste of ingredients, you can also get a great kick with another spicy curry. Enrich your experience by enjoying the crispy potato fries that make it the best food you can enjoy in Pune.

Tomato Bhaji

Blending the tangy taste of potatoes with the sharp taste of onion this dish promises you a fine kaleidoscope of flavors and textures. The finely grated coconuts along with crispy groundnuts offer it just the right contrast to dazzle your taste buds. For the best experience prefer pav over roti that offers you the complete regional experience.

Sabudana Khichdi

If you wish to combine the health, taste, and texture then Sabudana Khichdi can be the all-time favorite for you, especially during breakfast time. The sabudana Khichdi offer you a filled feeling and prepares you for going through the daily drill. At the same time you won’t find it difficult to digest this khichdi, the taste is appealing and mellow that makes it perfect to be combined with any other accompaniment or you can also enjoy it solo.

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Breakfast/Brunch In Pune

Bata Vada

Rated as No.1 Street food of Pune by the tourists and locals alike, Bata vada is made from choicest of potatoes that are specially chosen to prepare this big fried round of ball that perfectly satisfies your taste buds as well as the stomach. It is wrapped under a thick coating of flour before being fried. It offers Bata Vada the pleasant crispy texture. To further brighten up the flavors don’t forget to dip it into mint chutney and to make it hotter you can also hot chilies too!


If you are looking for some quick yet filling treat to break your fast then Poha is the ideal dish to enjoy as breakfast. Made with puffed rice that combines the grainy taste of rice and the bright leafy taste of coriander this dish is best enjoyed over a filled glass of buttermilk for the best experience. The good portion of diced boiled potatoes, lemon and onion make the dish a perfect fit for the Sunday breakfast.

Side Dishes of Pune

Bharli Vangi

If you need some hot kick and absolutely love Brinjals then this side dish can brighten up the flavor of your main meal. Made with small specialty brinjals sold in Pune and containing a generous portion of hot chili powder the Bharli Vangi perfectly combines the pleasant taste of brinjal and groundnuts. The crushed groundnuts offer it a crispy texture and a great taste to make it the best accompaniment your main meal.

Eggplant Bhaji

Eggplant is widely eastern across Pune. The pleasantly pungent taste of Garlic offers a deep character to the curry while the chili helps to pop open the flavors and perfectly contrasts the mushy and bland taste of eggplant. The curry tastes even better if enjoyed with rice porridge. Though deemed as the side dish it is simply not possible to stop at a single potion.

Best Restaurants/Street food in Pune

Being a Foodies delight, the Pune offers some of the choicest restaurants of India. However, among them some restaurants really stand out due to their unique array of food, flavor and fine dining experience. Here is a little list of the top restaurants of Pune:

1. South Indies

South Indian food is famous across India but the great question is where to taste the authentic south Indian food that is the right type of ingredients and the traditional regional recipes. South Indies is certain the best south Indian restaurant of Pune serving south Indian dishes across different regions. You will find the most authentic dishes prepared by using the special ingredients and following the traditional recipes. You will also love number of delicacies served in different parts of south India like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc. The ambiance is cozy and interiors are great. The taste is, however, the best thing that brings this restaurant on this list. The staff is friendly and quick to serve. It is the perfect place for the couples who want to enjoy some fine moments in a relatively calm ambiance while enjoying the best food.

Address: South Indies

2nd Floor, Ganeshkhind Road, Survey No 465, Shivaji Nagar, Pune.

2. Vaishali restaurant

A huge hit among the students of Pune, this restaurant is always brimming with the youthful energy. The ambiance is perfect and sets the mood for enjoying the good food. The medley of famous dishes is prepared with perfectly authentic recipes. Prices are affordable and services are nice. You would also like the cheerful staff of this restaurant.

Address: Vaishali restaurant

1218/1, Fergusson College Road, FC Road, Pune

3. Village: the soul of the India

In Indian food preparation, serving and eating is an elaborate process that follows some traditional styles. These styles further add to the enjoyment and turn it into an unforgettable experience. The Village restaurant is a unique restaurant that is committed to bring back the erstwhile food traditions of India that have been forgotten by the city folks. Further adding to the enjoyment are the folk programs that you can enjoy while eating the traditional food in the traditions style. If you are looking for a perfect Sunday timeout with entire family while enjoying some cultural performance then this is the best restaurant for you.

AddressL Village: the soul of the India

West Block, Amanora Town Centre, Hadapsar Kharadi Bypass, Hadapsar, Pune.

4. Shabree Restaurant

If you want to absorb yourself in the best regional flavors of Pune that offer the perfect blend of authentic taste along with the fine dining experience then this is the best restaurant for you. Eat the best food of Pune and don’t forget to ask about the signature dishes that perfectly align with your preferences, The staff is helpful and would love to help you decide the best food that will leave you mesmerized. The flavors are great and the interiors look really fine.

Address: Shabree Restaurant

Parichay Hotel, 1199/1A, FC Road, Pune.

5. Khandani Rajdhani

If you want to enjoy a unique dining out experience with a focus on the best Indian aromas and high-quality food then Rajdhani is the best restaurant for you. The restaurant promises a homely ambiance and the food is really rich in flavours without being too much spicy Especially if you are looking for great flavours but at the same time you don’t like too many much spicy food ten Rajdhani is the great place for you. The ambiance is pleasant and the staff is agile.

Address: Khandani Rajdhani

Near Bal Gandharv Theatre, Congress Bhavan Road, Off JM Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune.

6. Little Italy

If you have had enough share of traditional food and now want to contrast it with some western flavors then Little Italy is the best place for you to enjoy Pizzas, pasta and other Italian food. The place promises you the best flavors with the authentic Italian touch that would make you want for the more. Don’t stop at just Pizza and pasta but also explore other flavors of Italy served here. You would also find a number of great beverages that can further enrich our experience.

Address: Little Italy

465, Next to Pune Central – 2, Shivaji Nagar, Pune.

7. Firang Tadka

If you are a water baby and the idea of having a food near the pool pampers you then this is the perfect restaurant for you. The food is great and you would find the best way to enjoy  the spicy food without compromising on the real flavors for the natural ingredients. Besides you will also have an access to enjoy the global cuisines with a unique promise of tantalizing flavors.  

Address: Firang Tadka

Baron Club, Opp Joggers Park, Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

8. Dario’s

If you are looking for a weekend party with your entire family or friends at some quiet, distant pace where you can have the best fill of fun and flavors then Dario’s is the right place for you. This cozy cafe offers you the best time you can ever dream for. The entire architecture of the place is exquisitely designed and offers the dual options of enjoying the food in the vast open, spacious garden or enjoy the special moments inside in great indoor area. You would love the wide array of sandwiches and pasta served over here but for a lifetime experience of this place, don’t forget to order a pizza. The beverage section also promises you a great time with a wide variety of mocktails and cocktails. While there are other beverages available here, don’t forget to check with the staff about the bets things you can drink here. It could also be a great place for couples looking for a candlelit dinner. Don’t leave the place without tasting the exotic deserts served over here.

Address: Dario’s

Sundarban Hotel, Lane1, Koregaon Park, Pune

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